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Gibraltar Electro Medical Services

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Individual and Group Health Insurance

Nationwide, most individual health insurance plans, and group health insurance plans, will pay for provision of a Precision TENS 3900, if it is medically necessary.

For example, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts has issued a medical coverage guideline addressing when a TENS is medically necessary.  The medical coverage guideline can be accessed by clicking here.

Aetna will reimburse for a TENS, when medically necessary, as outlined here.

United Healthcare commercial plans will usually reimburse for a TENS, if it is determined to be medically necessary., as outlined here.

Patients and providers should check the terms of the policy, to determine if a Precision TENS 3900 is implicitly included, or specifically excluded, by the specific language and terms of each policy.

Automobile, Homeowners, or Property Insurance Claims

If a person was injured as a result of an automobile collision, a slip and fall at home, or a slip and fall elsewhere on insured premises, if a TENS is considered to be medically necessary, most insurers will find the provision of a Precision TENS 3900 indicated, and accordingly the insurer will usually pay for the injured person to obtain relief from pain.
Workers’ Compensation

Employees who sustain an industrial injury are generally entitled to treatment necessary to cure or relieve them from the effects of the industrial injury.  Being as workers’ compensation insurance laws vary widely from state to state, and these laws change on a regular basis, the provision of a TENS is often subject to specifically approved state treatment guidelines.  The treating physicians, in each state, are generally well versed in whether their specific state treatment guidelines indicate whether a TENS is medically necessary for different industrial injuries or illnesses.